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Four Supreme Court decisions concerning marijuana

Posted on Apr 05 2013
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1. Search based on odor of burned marijuana, admission of shring marijuana, and recovery of under an ounce of marijuan is not PC to search the vehicle ( Comm v PACHEKO)

2  SImilar case to above ( Comm v DANIEL)

3.Social sharing of marijuana no longer distribution ( Commonwealth v JACKSON

4. Cultivation of a plant weighing under 1 ounce is still a criminal offense regardless of intended use.

 Comm. v Palmer


1. COMMONWEALTH vs. Antonio L. PACHECO. SJC-11216. April 5, 2013.
2. COMMONWEALTH vs. Clint DANIEL (and a companion case [FN1]). SJC-11214. April 5, 2013.
3. COMMONWEALTH vs. Kiiyan JACKSON. SJC-11319. April 5, 2013.
4. COMMONWEALTH vs. Kenneth J. PALMER, JR. SJC-11225. April 5, 2013.


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